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OKay... if that's what you want...

I love Kyo-kun!!!!!!!!!!! I love Kyo and have for over a year! That's when the first book came out in English and my friend and I read it and halfway through the book I was like, OMG!!!! KYO IS AWSOME!!!!!!!! Then later that day(it was a friday) we were both at another friends birthday and at first we fought over him but she was like I like Yuki too and I was like then you can have Yuki and I get Kyo and she said no. Then later she was digging her nails into my hand so I'd say that I give up, but I didn't and ended up winning. WOO HOO!!!!!!! And I've printed out millions of pictures of him. And once we were(me and a few friends) talking about who we would be in Fruits Basket and at first I was like, I wanna be Kyo and then I though, if I'm Kyo, I'm in love with myself, then I was like, nevermind, I wanna TOHRU!!!! and wow! who knew I could write that much about Kyo?!
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