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About 2 years ago I had an orange cat. ^__^ His name was Oliver, and he was the fricken coolest cat on the planet. He was so funny and adorable. Well when I started reading fruits basket I was so excited! I had my very own kyo! But then disaster struck it was only about a week after I started reading Furuba, that my cat got hit by a car. O_O I cried like a baby. Not only had I lost my favorite kitty, my Oliver Twit, I lost my imaginary kyo. I have never gone a day of my life with out a cat. When I was born I had a cat named Smokey. Smokey died about 2 months after I got Oliver. o_o and then Ollie died...I went a full week with out a cat. I never felt worse. But he was my kyo for a week!!! I was happy about that!
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