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Volume 10 discussion

Okay. I decided upon something: To make the club more interesting, I decided to hold volume discussions where we, members of this Kyo Lover Fan Club, will discuss the new volumes of Fruits Basket. If you don't like this, tell me and i will cancel it. ^^ So Volume 10, Let's go!

Volume 10:

Kisa's on the cover! Sometimes I wonder, why is there only one Kyon-Kyon Volume? (Wish there was two). Well, Kyo goes into the water to help Tohru, even if he didn't want too! i think it's really sweet don't you? The ending: I do not like the ending of this volume. :| I want Tohru with Kyo!!! not Yuki!!! My sister and I had a huge discussion about this. I think that Kyo needs Tohru more than Yuki because: 1)Yuki will not get locked up after highschool. 2) Yuki does not have a true form like Kyo. 3) Kyo has a lot more to deal with than Yuki. 4) I want Kyo with Tohru.

Yeah that's basically it. Any thoughts? Disagree or Agree? Post please!

*Note: I revamped the club layout. Likes? Hates? What d'you think about it? @_@
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