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Year of the Cat

The Year of the Cat fan club!

We <3 Kyo Sohman-kun
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I made this community for the cat who was left out of the zodiac! And to also honor Kyo Sohma, the cat from Fruits Basket!

Profile (some spoilers):

Name: Kyo Sohma
Nicknames: Kyon Kyon, Kyon-kichi (sorta like saying "Lucky Kyou"), Orangey, Orange Head, Baka Neko (stupid cat), Cat Lover, Nekozuki
Age: 16
Zodiac: Cat
Bloodtype: A
School: Kaibara High
Sign: Capricorn

Kyo is a hot-head and he has major anger issues. He tends to get angry with any insult you throw at him very quickly. He wants to beat Yuki in a fight because Akito told him that if he doesn't beat Yuki by the end of high school, he will be locked up. That's bad. T.T If the beaded bracelet he wears comes off, he takes the shape of his true form, which is a cross between somewhat of a lizard, cat, and he smells really bad when he's in his true form. He's in love with Tohru, but he doesn't want to tell her because she might get hurt by Kana.

Oh and he hates leeks, miso, spring onions, and Yuki. ;) But mostly Yuki.

Founded by: xxketaminexx

Kyo Sohma is love <3