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Volume 11 discussion

time for volume 11 folks!

okay...this volume almost made me cry. kyo finally realizes his true feelings for tohru. "i love you. i love you the way you are. i love you so much. (chapter 63)" <---kyo says it. well anyway, this volume also made me wanna slap akito. also kyo's father. kyo is NOT a monster. he's so far from being a monster. if he's a monster, then what's akito? huh? >.< akito's the monster not kyo.

i couldn't believe akito called tohru a monster also. why did he judge her like that? like kyo said, akito wasn't there when tohru saw kyo's true form. she was really upset. but she still went to look for him because she knew that if she let go of kyo's hand now, kyo might never have come back.

i'm glad they stayed together. ♥ ^__^

i also like the part when tohru trips and then kyo holds her hand so she won't trip again. aw! <3

it was so sad when akito punched momiji.

i hate akito.


alright your turn! tell me what you think about vol. 11 (hiro-kun)!
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